Adult Cruise Vacations


Adult Cruise Vacation

OK, the kids are finally out of the house. Their loud music blaring from bedroom doors, gone. Conversing by yelling from one room to another, no more. Traffic in and out, door slamming, now silence. You and your spouse want to take a tropical cruise vacation where it’s quiet and restful. But the thought of all those kids running around the decks, down the halls and in the dinning room isn’t what you want on your vacation.
The cruise lines hear you. More and more cruise lines are offering vacations with minimum age limits. Celebrity Cruise Line offers adult cruises they call their “Celebrity Escape” cruises where all passengers are at least 21 years of age. They have events, activities and special services that are more for adult travelers. Expanded room service breakfast menus, late night comedy shows, later pool hours and more. Usually you can find at least one adult cruise for each of there major destinations.
Then there is Seabourn Cruise Line which considers its ships more like yachts. These smaller upscale cruise ships generally don’t have age restrictions but they are adult oriented and children will be few and far between if seen at all. Today many choices abound if you look. Cruise travel agents will be able to direct you to the cruise of your dreams. It’s just a search or call away. Bon Voyage!

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