Slurping On A Pitcher Of Lager At The Witch’s Rock Surf Camp


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The white sand and totally clear beaches in Witch’s Rock Tamarindo superbly draw the nature lovers as well as surfers all across the year. With the inbuilt beauty it holds, the sports that are generally known for in this side of the country are kayaking, snorkelling, fishing, diving, sailing and most specially surfing. The hospitality and gracefulness of each citizen in the country touches the guts of most, if not all of the visitors coming from different parts of the world. No one will ever stay as a stranger to this place for long.

Witch’s Rock surf camp is one of the famous traveller attractions that Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica has to offer . This widely known surfing destination is all from the results of labour. It was founded by a Canadian surf fanatic named Joe Walsh. He started surfing in an early age and developed the love of this outdoor activity. Due to his fondness for the sport, he opened up a small surfing business together with his pop and a friend as co-partners. They joined all their moneys together and started to do the business outlook. It wasn’t all fun in the beginning. Hard work was one of the secret to success to this business. To this date, they now offer 18-ocean view hotel rooms, two bistros offering food that surfers would certainly love and a shop which will offer you the necessary surfing lessons, rentals and gears.

Since Witch’s Rock surf camp operated, the range of folk engaging or interested in surfing is extraordinary. From folk who just love to hang to the sorts of people that do surfing professionally is now performing it here. With this simple fact, what’s more striking with Witch’s Rock surf camp is they ensure that those enrolled into surf lessons are definitely attended to, one on one, with an instructor. All beginning and intermediate surfers receive daily lessons with having to feel nervous because of the talent excellence.

Most likely, aside from the surfing activity this camping ground is known for, their diners are also a hit. They serve guests with ice cold lagers and tasty dishes like tacos, which they also are known for as a great match for lager, that can certainly lead you to feel relax after an all day exposure to the sun. Whether you like your lager to be light, refreshing, heavier, darker ale, or something between it’s all here. What’s more superb to the menu they present is they only sell lagers that are Costa Rican made. If you happen to walk in each store in Playa Tamarindo, you’d probably not see other US made lagers in the refrigeration stalls.

Tamarindo could be a tiny town with only a population of a thousand, but because Witch’s Rock surf camp is here to accommodate and welcome you on your trip, everything will be well-spent. Grin and intense happy memories are things you may certainly bring back home.

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