Delivering Hidden Value: Four Reasons Private Jets are Worth the Cost


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Few things scream luxury like boarding a private jet. Whether it’s a brand new KingAir or a decked-out Learjet, flying private can be a rewarding experience. While the private jet industry might sell an expensive product, the costs are well worth it. Whether you’re flying out to Cabo for vacation or heading to New York on business, a private jet can save you time, keep you productive, and steer you away from the headaches that come with commercial travel. Here are four reasons private jets are worth the cost.
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Flying direct to the smallest airports

gulfstream-aircraftThe next time you want to go on a ski trip, check out how much it costs to fly commercial into one of the small airports of the West. Whether it’s Jackson Hole, Telluride, or Whistler, you’ll pay a premium to sit in a small, cramped plane. If not, you’ll have to drive four or five hours through the snow from some major hub city to whatever your destination happens to be. Private jets can fly into the smallest airports, putting you as close to your destination as possible. If you’re on vacation, the ability to spend more time with your loved ones at your favorite place can be priceless. If you’re flying for business, less time in the car means more time closing the big deal.

Internet on board and much more

Commercial airlines are getting with the program and offering more services today. If you really want to, you can log on to the Internet and find a plug on many airliners today. Ask any person who has tried to do serious work on a commercial plane, though, and they’ll tell you it’s almost impossible. This isn’t the case on the best private jets. Private planes are comfortable and spacious. You can spread out and work from a desk that’s not too different from the one in your office. You can take calls or send emails without having to worry about the person next to you seeing the confidential information popping up on your computer screen.

Avoiding nightmares at the airport

If you intend to fly during the holiday season or any other peak time, private jets are an even better deal. You can spend more than an hour getting your ticket and making it through security at some of the country’s largest airports today. When you fly private, you’ll pull up on the tarmac, getting out of your car only a few feet from the jet. You can be from the car into the jet and off the ground within ten minutes in many cases. The time savings have value for many travelers, and the added convenience has an economic value that’s hard to calculate.

What you see is what you get

When you fly commercial, the price of the ticket is hardly the last fee you’ll have to pay. Baggage costs money, priority boarding costs more, and getting a drink on a commercial flight will take another credit card swipe. These fees can add up, especially if you’re flying with the entire family. Private jets cost more up front, but when brokers say that the cost is “all-in,” they mean it. In most cases, your baggage, catering, and ground transportation will all be included. Private jet companies don’t nickel and dime their clients. You’re treated to luxury without the worry that breathing the airplane air is going to cost an additional fee.

Ask anyone who has flown private and they will tell you that the difference is night and day. In hotel terms, it’s the difference between the Ritz-Carlton and the Days Inn. You’ll notice a heavier price tag up front, but private jets provide tremendous value on the back end. Especially for private travelers, private aviation can be a stress-free experience that’s a new positive at the end of the day.

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